What’s Moulded dimensions?

You might have often come across the term moulded dimensions?

To understand better, simply observe the ring on your hand, it has an inner diameter which = to the size of your finger and then it has a thickness / outer diameter. This inner diameter will be termed as the moulded dimension i.e moulded diameter.

Here are some of the moulded dimensions that you will come across on a regular basis,

  1. Moulded beam is measured at midships and is the maximum moulded breadth of the ship.
  2. Moulded depth is measured at midships and is the depth from baseline to the underside of the deck at the ship’s side.
  3. Moulded draught is measured at midships and is the depth from the baseline to the summer load line.
  4. The baseline is a horizontal line drawn at the top of the keel plate.
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