Systems On Engine Part – 1

rencontre filles du maroc Any diesel engine will have the following systems which are essentially required: Cooling System Lubricating oil system Fuel Oil System Exhaust System Starting System. Let's straight dive into understanding how cooling system works. Fresh Water Cooling System: The cylinder jackets of the engine are cooled by fresh water (sea water is not used since it is corrosive)... Continue Reading →


iq iption Steam is used on ships for the following purposes: As working medium for driving steam turbines where steam turbines are used for propulsion. For heating of fuel oil (oh high viscosity) in tanks to reduce viscosity. For geysers in accommodation spaces (for domestic use). For air conditioning system. For heaters of purifiers and fuel oil... Continue Reading →

Ship Sanitary System

get link Ship sanitary system is also known as domestic sea water system. The system is mainly used for flushing of toilets. The system consists of a hydrophore tank (pressurised tank) for storage of sea water. The tank is pressurised by compressed air (pressure about 6 bar) for pumping sea water to accommodation spaces. The filling of the tank... Continue Reading →

Ballast System on Ships

enter Ballast system is provided on ships to ensure the stability of the ship in all loading conditions of the ship.b) To adjust the centre of gravity of the ship in all loading conditions. c) To adjust the trim by adding ballast water weight in the required tank.d) To ensure distribution of load, shear forces and bending moments... Continue Reading →

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