Maritime History – Steering Oar

India : Unsung Maritime History Part II Taking things forward from our previous post. As we move ahead in time in the era after Christ from 4th to 6th century  i.e. during the Gupta Empire under the leadership of Samudragupta Maurya and Vikramaditya, several seaports were constructed on the eastern and western coasts. Trade with Europe until then was monopolized by  Southern India... Continue Reading →

India : Unsung Maritime History

rencontre scout India’s vast coastline of roughly 7000kms has always attracted huge amounts of trade. But seldom is India’s contribution to shipbuilding talked about. Today let us address India's glorious past of in shipbuilding. India has a very rich maritime history. It is this history that is very seldom talked about when we talk about the glorious... Continue Reading →

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