Ship Terms – 2


Rise of floor is the rise of the bottom shell plating above the horizontal baseline, measured at the ship’s side. The objective is to provide for the drainage of liquids to the ship’s centerline.


Camber or round of beam is the curvature of the decks in the transverse direction, measured as the height of the deck at the centerline above the height of the deck at side. It helps to shed water from the deck that way comes onboard due to waves. It also adds to the deck’s longitudinal strength.



Tumblehome is the inward curvature of the side shell above the waterline. Modern ships rarely have tumblehome.


Flare is the outward curvature of the side shell above the waterline at the forward end of the ship.As seen above tumblehome is the opposite of flare.  Flare is observed after the midship towards the bow as flare increase buoyancy thus limiting sinkage of the bow into head seas, promotes dryness forward and provides a wider forecastle deck allowing the anchors to drop clear of the shell plating.




Sheer may be defined as the rise of a ship’s deck fore and aft. It adds buoyancy to the ends where it is most needed.



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