Operation of Oil Burner

The oil burner consists of a forced draught fan oil pump and nozzles. Depending on the number of nozzles, the burner is designated as a single stage or two stage or multi-stage burner.The fuel oil pump boosts the pressure of oil and supplies oil to the boiler furnace through nozzles in the form of a spray. Pressure switches mounted on the boiler will open or close the solenoid valves provided before the nozzles depending on the steam demand by controlling the fuel oil supply.

From the fuel oil tank, the fuel oil circulation pumps draw’s the oil and circulate the oil through the system. Heaters are provided in the system, before the burner, to heat the oil and reduce the viscosity. HFO/LDO is used for the operation of the burner on ships. On some ships stand by heaters (either steam or electric) are provided in the system. Always excess fuel is supplied to the burner to prevent cavitation in pipelines 9because of varying demands) and this excess fuel is returned back to the system through the return line. The pipelines before the burners are provided with electric tracing cables to maintain the temperature in case of operation on HFO.


Oil Burner





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